Data Privacy and Protection Course

Data Privacy and Protection Overview

In today’s digital age, the protection of data and sensitive information has become paramount and a critical concern for individuals, organizations, and governments in the need to safeguard vital information from unauthorized personnel. The Data Privacy and Protection Course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of laws, principles, and best practices surrounding the safeguarding of data. During the course of training, participants will explore the ethical considerations, legal frameworks, and technical measures necessary to ensure the privacy and security of personal and organizational information. At the end of the training, through a combination of hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and case studies, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts, principles, and practical skills related to data privacy and protection.

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals who have a keen interest in ethical considerations surrounding data handling.
  • Working professionals in data handling and protection.
  • Job seekers looking to kick off a career in Data Protection
  • Mid- to senior-level executives in various sections like construction, oil and gas, government, development sector & ICT

Introduction to Data Privacy and Protection

  • Understanding the Importance of Data Privacy
  • Historical Evolution of Data Privacy Concerns
  • Overview of Key Data Protection Principles
  • Significance of Privacy in the Digital Age

Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

  • Exploration of GDPR, CCPA, and Other Major Data Protection Laws
  • Legal Obligations for Organizations and Individuals
  • Compliance Requirements and Consequences for Non-Compliance
  • International and Regional Variations in Data Protection Laws

Ethical Considerations in Data Handling

  • Ethical Frameworks in Data Privacy
  • Balancing Ethical Considerations in Data Collection, Processing, and Storage
  • Case Studies on Ethical Challenges in Data Privacy
  • Integrating Ethical Practices into Organizational Culture

Risk Assessment and Management

  • Identifying and Assessing Privacy Risks
  • Strategies for Risk Mitigation
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Practical Exercises in Privacy Risk Assessment

Data Encryption and Security Measures

  • Encryption Techniques for Data Protection
  • Access Controls and Authentication Protocols
  • Implementing Security Measures in Data Handling Processes
  • Addressing Security Challenges in a Connected Environment

Data Handling Best Practices

  • Best Practices for Data Collection, Storage, and Transmission
  • Techniques for Pseudonymization and Anonymization
  • Developing and Implementing Data Handling Policies
  • Continuous Improvement in Data Privacy Practices

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

  • Understanding the Purpose and Process of PIAs
  • Conducting PIAs for Different Scenarios
  • Integrating PIA into Project Development
  • Role of PIA in Risk Mitigation

Data Breach Response and Notification

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Data Breach Response Protocols
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations in Notifying Affected Parties
  • Lessons Learned from Real-World Data Breach Incidents
  • Creating and Testing Data Breach Response Plans

Emerging Technologies and Privacy

  • Impact of Emerging Technologies (AI, IoT) on Data Privacy
  • Strategies for Ensuring Privacy in Technological Advancements
  • Privacy Implications of Biometric Technologies
  • Addressing Privacy Concerns in Data Analytics

Role of Individuals in Data Privacy

  • Empowering Individuals in Data Privacy Protection
  • Privacy-Conscious Behavior in Personal and Professional Settings
  • Educating and Communicating Privacy Expectations
  • Building a Privacy-Aware Culture

Dominic Ajayi

Dominic Ajayi is a Project Management consultant who has trained over 1000 professionals. He has played various roles in training and managing projects. His career as a trainer and project manager has offered notable achievements and exposure. He has served in several positions, these include Snr. Project Consultant & Operations Manager. His education and qualifications are B.Sc. Environment Science & Resource Management, PMP, CSM, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor – IT Service Certification, ISO 9001 Lead Auditor – IT Service Certification, and ITIL.

Adeola Badmus

I am Adeola, my 15-year professional career has spanned several roles, organizations, and sectors. I served as a project manager in IntroIT Consulting, Head of Institute / Chief Operating Officer for the Institute for Advance e-Studies, I currently hold the position as the senior project consultant & marketing director for Piston & Fusion. My qualification includes MSc. In Marketing, BSc. In Business Administration, Digital Marketing, PMP, PRINCE 2, NEBOSH, Level 3 Award in Education & Training. I have been privileged to attend some of the best institutions globally, University of Lagos, Lagos Business School, and University of Liverpool (UK). I am a member of AMA, PMI & IOSH. I have trained over 4000+ professionals in marketing, branding, project management, data analytics and other business related programmes.

Seyi Hargley

Seyi Hargley (PMP) is a certified facilitator & consultant with over a decade of experience in Project Management, she has also worked in various organizations such as Lafarge, Triagon HCD Consulting, Association of Professional Women Engineers (APWEN) and Project Management Professional Institute (PMPI) were she served in different roles. Seyi has a B.SC in Chemical and Polymer Engineering from Lagos state university, and is currently a member of Project Management Institute (PMI) the world leading project management body.

Participants enrolling for this programme will be required to have minimum of 3 years’ professional experience. Participants who meet the programme requirement should pay the course fee and complete the enrollment form 2 weeks before the programme kick off date.

Prospective applicants who do not meet the programme requirement but wants to join the programme should should follow the process detailed below.

Application Process

  1. Start a chat with the online course adviser or complete the application form
  2. Application will be reviewed by programme committee
  3. Application acceptance will be communicated by programme committee
  4. Pay the programme fee after receiving acceptance from the committee
  5. Check your mail for programme schedule and payment confirmation

    Participant’s Experience

    What is included in the Course Programme Pack

    • Practice Manual & Textbook
    • Participants workbook & Exercises
    • Templates for professional practice
    • Local & international case studies
    • Recognized Certification of Completion
    • Branded Personalized programme pack & stationaries
    • Breakfast & Lunch
    • 3 Star Accommodation (Optional – Available on Request)

    Kindly note all training materials for the Virtual Online classes will be in electronic formats (PDF & MS Word)

    Data Privacy and Protection Course Fees & Dates for Upcoming Classroom & Virtual Online In 2024

    Piston and Fusion offer the Course as Classroom in Lagos and Virtual Online Class in other states in Nigeria. See dates and fees for classroom and virtual online class.

    Data Privacy and Protection Programme
    Course Objective: The Programme focus is to help participants to become experts in data privacy and protection
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    Location: 122a Obadina Street, Omole Phase 1 Ikeja Lagos
    Virtual Class Fee: ₦100,000 | $160
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    Location: Microsoft Teams | Zoom

    Why Piston & Fusion Is Ranked Amongst the Best Business Institutes In Nigeria

    • We have trained 6000+ professionals
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    • We offer post training career advice and support

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    All You Need to Know About Data Privacy and Protection

    What is Data Privacy, and Why is it Important?

    Data privacy refers to the protection of personal and sensitive information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. It is crucial because it safeguards individuals’ rights, maintains trust, and ensures ethical handling of data.

    What Are The Qualifications of a Data Privacy Officer?

    The qualifications of a Data Protection Officer are:

    • A degree is not compulsory but it could be beneficial to have a relevant educational background in law, information security, or data science.
    • Take up a course or training in Data Protection Officer.

    How Do I Become a Data Protection Officer in Nigeria?

    • Take a training in Data Privacy and Protection Course
    • Take a certification exam to give you an edge
    • Gain industry experience