Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategies Course

Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategies Course

The Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategies Course is designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to help customer service representatives and support teams build solid customer relationships that keep customers coming back. The training would have a mix of hands-on exercises, interactive sessions, case studies, and real-world examples. At the end of the training, participants will be able to implement all that has been learned in their respective businesses to improve customer relationships and loyalty.

Who Should Attend

  • Customer service representatives and support teams
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers responsible for customer loyalty and retention
  • Working professionals looking to change careers, jobs to the areas of customer service
  • Job seekers aspiring to start a career in customer service
  • Individuals across various industries including construction, oil and gas, government, development sector, ICT, health, and hospitality.

Introduction to Customer Loyalty and Retention

  • Importance of customer loyalty in business
  • Benefits of customer retention
  • Customer loyalty vs. customer satisfaction

Understanding Customer Behavior

  • Factors influencing customer loyalty
  • Customer segmentation and targeting
  • Customer lifetime value analysis

Loyalty Program Design and Implementation

  • Types of loyalty programs
  • Designing a customer-centric loyalty program
  • Implementing loyalty programs effectively

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Engagement

  • Customer satisfaction measurement and feedback
  • Techniques to improve customer service and support
  • Engaging customers through multiple channels

Personalizing Customer Experiences

  • Creating personalized experiences for customers
  • Utilizing customer data for personalization
  • Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Data-Driven Loyalty Management

  • Collecting and analyzing customer data
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for loyalty and retention
  • Using analytics to improve loyalty initiatives

Overcoming Challenges in Customer Retention

  • Identifying barriers to customer retention
  • Strategies to overcome customer churn
  • Handling customer complaints and objections

Building a Customer-Centric Culture

  • Developing a customer-focused mindset
  • Aligning organizational goals with customer needs
  • Training and empowering employees for customer success

Effective Communication and Relationship-Building

  • Building rapport and trust with customers
  • Active listening and effective communication techniques
  • Managing customer relationships through various touchpoints

Evaluating and Improving Loyalty Initiatives

  • Measuring the effectiveness of loyalty programs
  • Gathering and analyzing customer feedback
  • Continuous improvement and iteration of loyalty strategies

Kristy Ejikeme

Ejikeme Kristy is an expert in Customer Relationship, Office and Human Resource Management with several years of experience. She has acquired notable skills in the same field over the years which includes effective communication, customer relations, time & schedule management as well as human relations. These have offered her notable achievements and exposure. Her qualifications include Masters in Public Administration, BSc. In Mass Communication/Media Studies, Certificates in; Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Data Analysis, and Tax Compliance. She currently serves as a Trainer and Admin/Human Resource Manager with Piston & Fusion.

Participants enrolling for this programme will be required to have minimum of 3 years’ professional experience. Participants who meet the programme requirement should pay the course fee and complete the enrollment form 2 weeks before the programme kick off date.

Prospective applicants who do not meet the programme requirement but wants to join the programme should should follow the process detailed below.

Application Process

  1. Start a chat with the online course adviser or complete the application form
  2. Application will be reviewed by programme committee
  3. Application acceptance will be communicated by programme committee
  4. Pay the programme fee after receiving acceptance from the committee
  5. Check your mail for programme schedule and payment confirmation

    Participant’s Experience

    What is included in the Course Programme Pack

    • Practice Manual & Textbook
    • Participants workbook & Exercises
    • Templates for professional practice
    • Local & international case studies
    • Recognized Certification of Completion
    • Branded Personalized programme pack & stationaries
    • Breakfast & Lunch
    • 3 Star Accommodation (Optional – Available on Request)

    Kindly note all training materials for the Virtual Online classes will be in electronic formats (PDF & MS Word)

    Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategies Course Fees & Dates for  Upcoming Classroom Classes In 2024

    Piston and Fusion offer the Course as Classroom in Lagos and Virtual Online Class in other states in Nigeria. See dates and fees for classroom and virtual online class.

    Programme Information

    Course Objective: The Programme focus is to help customer representatives build stronger customer relationships and drive customer loyalty
    Classroom Fee: ₦150,000
    Weekday Date: Contact Us for Next Schedule
    Weekend Date: Contact Us for Next Schedule
    Location: 122a Obadina Street, Omole Phase 1 Ikeja Lagos
    Virtual Class Fee: ₦100,000 | $160
    Weekday Date: Contact Us for Next Schedule
    Weekend Date: Contact Us for Next Schedule
    Location: Microsoft Teams / Zoom

    Why Piston & Fusion Ranked Amongst the Best Business Institute In Nigeria?

    • We have trained 6000+ professionals
    • We have over 10 years industry experience
    • Our facilitators are experienced and certified
    • We offer post-training career advice and support

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    What is Customer Loyalty and Retention?

    Customer loyalty refers to the likelihood of customers to consistently choose a particular brand or business over its competitors. Customer retention, on the other hand, refers to the ability of a brand to retain its existing customers over a long period of time.

    How Do You Build Customer Loyalty and Retention?

    Building customer loyalty and trust is vital to the success of any business. It is very important to retain your existing customers in today’s highly competitive business space. For one, it is very expensive to find new customers. To build customer loyalty and retention, businesses should focus on providing exceptional customer experiences and build strong relationships with customers.

    What are the Keys to Customer Retention?

    The key to customer retention is a combination of many things but most importantly your relationship with your customer. You cannot leave your customer with a feeling that you took no interest in them or their specific needs. It is being customer-centric and obsessing on how to improve the lives of your customers through your offering.

    The keys to customer retention include delivering exceptional experiences, providing consistent value, building strong relationships, offering personalized solutions, actively listening to customer feedback, addressing concerns promptly, and continually adapting to meet evolving customer needs.