Project Manager Internship Programme

Programme Outline

The Project Manager Internship Programme is aimed at individuals who are considering starting or switching careers and seeking opportunities to gain on-the-job experience in Project Management. The programme is an 8 – 12 weeks work scheme where interns will be assigned to a team working on a project, trained on the job with Project Management tools, templates, and processes, and will be assigned roles and responsibilities with team supervisors. Project roles within the scheme include;

  • Project Manager (Available to PMP holders only)
  • Deputy Project Manager
  • Associate Project Manager
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What’s Included:

Applicants who complete the Internship Programme, will be sent:

  • Provided a reference letter from a Canadian firm
  • Issued a Practitioner Certificate confirming expertise
  • Supported in developing a new career profile and resume
  • Prepared on how to scale Project Management job interviews
  • Sent remote Project Management job vacancies
  • Able to apply for remote jobs in Canada, US, UK and Nigeria
  • Able to earn between $40,000 – $100,000

“Moving to Canada was the turning point of my life, relocating was so expensive and challenging. Settling in and getting a job as a Project Manager without Canadian experience was  no jokes. I spoke to my mentor Baba Dee and he signed me up as an Asst. Project Supervisor with their Canadian sister company, that was how I got  my Canadian work experience. Shortly after that I got a job as a Project Management facilitator in Prince Edward Island “

Okechukwu Onoh

Programme Schedule

Programme Schedule Associate Scheme Professional Scheme
Fee $600 $800
Training Duration 5 Days 5 Days
Training Schedule 9am – 3pm |Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm |Mon – Fri
Internship Duration 8 Weeks 12 Weeks
Internship Schedule 9am – 3pm | Remote 9am – 3pm | Remote

Work Experience Abroad

Here are 10 challenges you might face if you don’t have Canadian working experience when you relocate to Canada:

  1. Competition for jobs: Canada has a highly competitive job market, especially for entry-level positions. Without Canadian working experience, you may find it difficult to compete with other candidates who have the required experience.
  2. Lack of references: Canadian employers typically require job applicants to provide references from previous employers. Without Canadian working experience, you may not have any Canadian references to provide….

Steps to apply

  1. Choose your scheme option
  2. Pay fees for the internship option chosen
  3. Complete the enrollment form below

Receipts and confirmation will be sent within 24 to 48 hours.

Account Details

  • Guaranty Trust Bank
  • 0656364029
  • Piston & Fusion Limited

Enrollment Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Eligibility Requirements?

The internship scheme is open to anyone within or outside of Canada

I’m in Nigeria, Can I Join The Canadian Program?

Irrespective of your location you can join any of the internship schemes.

Can Payment Be Done in Installment?

Payment for this program will be paid at once.

Will I Be Able To Relocate To Canada Using This Program?

The program can also help you get a job which can aid your relocation process, the program also strengthens your ability to work remotely with organizations within and outside the country.

Would I Be Assisted With A Visa Application And Travel Logistics?

Programme is fully remote, all activities will be conducted virtually and does not require any form of travel.