Web based Project Management Portal (Projectpedia®)

Projectpedia® is a customized web based Project Management portal, it is an intelligent tool that integrates project management methodologies and best practices to ensure projects are monitored, tasks are tracked, progress and status reports are generated via a Graphic User Interface (GUI) hosted online. It has both offline and online capabilities.
Projectpedia® has been developed in modules. These modules present project stakeholders with the opportunity to be fully involved in projects execution. This can be achieved via their Projectpedia® user accounts either remotely or locally.

The modules include:

  • Clients Management
  • Team Management
  • Project Management
  • Finance Management
  • Communication Management and;
  • Reports Management


  • Monitor your project from anywhere online
  • It helps increase Cost savings on projects
  • It helps to in increase Time savings on projects
  • It can help you improve your company productivity by at least 20%
  • It shows you data/statistics to take better business and HR decisions
  • Empowers you to easily manage your receivables and expenditures
  • You can access progress report for any project - anytime from anywhere
  • You can access performance report for any team member - anytime from anywhere
  • User friendly GUI, easy to use and little computing skills required
  • Projectpedia
  • Finance Management
  • Team Management