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Work Stress

Do you know work related stress can cause;


  1. Cardiovascular illnesses (High blood pressure, stroke etc.)
  2. Poor quality of life
  3. Family & relationship breakdown
  4. Chronic depression
  5. Low productivity & on the job frustration
  6. Transfer of aggression
  7. Poor decision making


Work related stress develops because a person is unable to cope with the demands being placed on them. Take charge of your life, manage your stress today.









Warning signs you are about to get fired

you are fired

  1. Your boss suddenly starts complaining about your attitude
  2. You are no longer in the know of things (Office gist)
  3. HR is planning to hire someone for your role
  4. You have been told to take a holiday after a complaint
  5. Someone in management advised you privately to change your behaviour
  6. Your colleagues are gossiping about you
  7. Your responsibilities are gradually diminishing
  8. There is a sudden silence when you step in to the office
  9. You are been asked to return office materials in your position
  10. Your role and pay was downwardly reviewed.