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Benefits of Linkedin Premium Account


  • Linkedin is usually used by multinational companies to search for talents, with your premium account you can access job opportunities with these companies.


  • Linkedin premium will search for jobs that match your profile, you don’t have to bother yourself about you meeting requirements. The jobs forwarded to you are the ones that you qualify for.


  • Linkedin premium account gives you the opportunity to contact the recruiter directly, you can send a direct mail to the recruiter requesting for an interview.


  • The most preferred platform by recruiters to source experienced workers is through Linkedin.


  • Linkedin premium gives you the ability to see those that viewed your profile.


  • Lastly, I have used Linkedin premium account to help some of our participants get jobs. I recommend it to you.


“I was worried when I left my previous job, I wasn’t getting calls for interview. I upgraded my Linkedin account after a discussion with Deola, it was the right decision. I got two interviews in the first month of the upgrade.”

-Tope now works with Apple Inc.